The following tips on stretching piercings are specifically aimed at gauging earlobes, where earlobe piercings can be enlarged to very large sizes to incorporate many different types of ear jewelry including awesome flesh tunnels. Stretching piercings has been popular in many civilizations throughout history, taking many forms from gauging earlobes to stretching labret and septum piercings. In the very early periods of history the materials used were wood, stone, bone, horn, shells, claws and talons, shaped and carved to facilitate stretching piercings. The oldest known incidence of humans gauging earlobes was discovered in 1991, in a glacier in the Otztal Alps between Italy and Austria, where a 5,300 year-old mummified body was found with tattoos and an earlobe piercing of between 7 mm and 11 mm diameter. Although the method used was known for definite, this may have been carried out by a method known as dead stretching, where progressively larger ear jewelry is forced through the h

Are Piercings Attractive or a Huge Put Off?

 Are piercings attractive for men and women to wear , or are they merely annoying distractions from what a person's true appearance is. Nose and lip piercings are attributed a lot to the Gothic realms of society, but it is increasingly common nowadays for all members of society to don a stud somewhere on their body. In fact the more and more we venture into the time of free speech and liberation, people are beginning to run out of places to get piercings. A piercing on the ear lobe can be seen as quite classy but aside from that it is seen as a bit radical and alternative. Can these be seen as attractive? I personally don't find any women attractive that have piercings in any other places other than on their ear lobe. For many however a tongue piercing can be particularly alluring, especially if the suitor is attractive. There are many women out there who do have a ridiculous amount of piercings, but if used in the correct way then there is definitely a market out there for pie

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Wedding

 Mehndi or Henna is used for weddings and traditional functions in South East Asia as temporary Henna tattoos and patterns. The henna tattoos are much smaller tattoo designs such as a heart or a bird on the arm or shoulders, but the traditional Arabic mehndi designs are usually adopted by women on weddings and traditional holidays such as Eids. The Arabic mehndi designs are quite unique and can be distinguished by their intricate designs. In South East Asia there is a separate wedding function called mehndi where there are dances, songs and the bride gets imprinted with mehndi designs. Traditionally a bride gets henna designs on her hands, arms and feet. The purpose of these designs is to make the bride look pretty. There are countless types of designs from the completely heavy up to the forearm designs to the minimum and low patterned designs. The good thing about the design is that you can make it look good with just about any way you go, from loops and swirls to flower patterns a


 Madonna Named after the musical icon , the Madonna piercing is placed on the right side of the face just above the upper lip. The exact location of Madonna's own mole. Monroe There's no more iconic beauty mark than Marilyn Monroe's. The Monroe piercing is in homage to that. It is placed on the left side of the face just above the top lip, exactly where Marilyn's beauty mark was. Labret While considered a lip piercing, with a labret the lip isn't technically pierced. The labret is right below the bottom lip above the chin. Medusa The medusa piercing is placed in that little dip on the top of your lip below the nose. Placement is important here, as you don't want to throw off the symmetry of your face. So find a good piercer. Vertical Labret A vertical labret has two holes. One is in the same place as a regular labret, with the second hole coming out of the middle of the bottom lip. Jestrum Jestrum piercings, also known as vertical medusas, are placed in the dip

Could I redownload my iTunes buys in lossless?

In another help record on its site, Apple plunges somewhat more profound into the subtleties around the impending dispatch of lossless sound on Apple Music.  Apple presently says that both the HomePod and HomePod Mini will uphold lossless sound after a future programming update. That will be uplifting news to individuals who've put resources into one or a couple of Apple's keen speakers. Two HomePods gathered in sound system playing a lossless source? Better believe it, that will sound great. Apple isn't yet giving any schedule for when this product update will be delivered, nonetheless.  The archive likewise explains that the Apple TV 4K will possibly uphold standard lossless sound when the ALAC documents become accessible in June. Apple has said that by and large, the "Hey Res Lossless" level will require outside gadgets like a USB DAC.  Apple utilizes the report to promote its "responsibility" to giving clients the most ideal listening experience. I